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Carbohydrate Databases, Functions & Structures

Bacterial Carbohydrate Structure DataBase and

GLYCAN: The Database of Carbohydrate Structures

PROCARB: A Database of Known and Modelled Carbohydrate-Binding Protein Structures

Primary structure of Carbohydrates and their biological occurrence

Statistical analysis of the Bacterial Carbohydrate Structure Data Base

The Structure and Function of Macromolecules


Carbohydrate Fundamentals & Nomenclature

Carbohydrate Nomenclature

Carbohydrate Nomenclature

Basics Concepts and Nomenclature


Polymer Databases, Functions & Structures

Polymer Database

Polymer Database

Introduction to Polymers: A Property Database Online

Polymer - How to make humans



Omicron Biochemicals



US Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

CBER - Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research, FDA

European Medicines Agency (EMA)

Personal Care Products Council