New Insulin Products: Recombinant Human Insulin EP/USP & Insulin-FITC Labeled 

Recombinant Human Insulin USP/EP Grade as well as labeled derivatives have been added to the CarboMer pharmaceutical supply inventory. Specifically, Recombinant Human Insulin EPRecombinant Human Insulin USP,  , Insulin-Phycoerythrin (PE) and Insulin-FITC labeled.

Recombinant Human Insulin is a biosynthetic protein structurally identical to endogenous insulin secreted by human pancreas beta cells and is used for replacement therapy in diabetes mellitus management. Diabetes is indeed an epidemic in our country and all over the world. By using  recombinant human insulin and it’s labeled derivatives in testing and research, previously unknown information can be obtained.

recombinant human insulin  for researchIn research, mutations in the insulin receptor gene have been linked to insulin-resistant diabetes mellitus and noninsulin-dependent diabetes mellitus. The research and development community use  insulin products to further knowledge, research and the efforts of many to combat the disease and it’s devastating effects on individuals.

We have also added Insulin-FITC Labeled and Insulin-Phycoerythrin (PE).  FITC is a fluorochrome dye frequently coupled to antibodies that are used to locate and identify specific antigens.

CarboMer is a leading provider of specialty chemicals for the life sciences. We specialize in carbohydrate and polymer technology and have extensive expertise in the material sciences. Our goal is to assist the research and development community in their goals and objectives. We provide unique products and chemicals, as well as standard cosmetic ingredients for our clients so that they can continue in their work.

We only offer high quality ingredients so that our customers can always meet their strategic objectives without having to worry about “less-than” products offered by some pharmaceutical chemical providers out there online.  By providing expert knowledge, reliable service, and high quality and unique products for research and commercial development, we have earned our trustworthy ratings and reviews.

Let us assist you in your next project. If there are any ingredients that we do not have listed on the CarboMer website, please Send us a message and we can work on getting your products in stock for you.

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