CarboMer produces specialty chemicals for the life sciences. The company is a pioneer and leader in carbohydrate and polymer technology and has extensive expertise in the material sciences. CarboMer's mission is to partner with clients to meet their strategic objectives by providing expert knowledge, reliable service, and high quality and unique products from research to commercial applications.

CarboMer employs its broad technology platforms for the development of a wide spectrum of innovative products. The company manufactures research and diagnostic products, bulk intermediates, pharmaceutical actives, excipients and intermediates, cosmetic ingredients and nutraceuticals. Our products include functionalized carbohydrates, ranging from monosaccharides to polysaccharides, such as cellulosics, chitosans, cyclodextrins, dextrans, beta-glucans, heparins, hyaluronates, synthetic polymers, chiral synthons and many other products. We also offer custom organic synthesis of specialty items, such as amino acids, polypeptides, and drug delivery materials.

CarboMer applies leading-edge technologies to develop innovative life science products, such as proprietary biomedical and cosmetic products, drug delivery technologies and therapeutics. The company's Specialty Chemicals Division produces carbohydrate specialty chemicals for pharmaceutical, biotechnology, nutraceuticals, consumer products and other uses. CarboMer offers custom-designed chemicals, as well as expertise and proprietary know how in biopharmaceuticals, drug delivery and nutraceuticals. CarboMer collaborates with leading cosmetic and pharmaceutical companies in product formulation and development, using either proprietary or non-proprietary materials.

CarboMer has successfully launched several innovative life science products. CarboMer's product line and technologies include:

Research chemicals comprising several thousand specialty chemicals, carbohydrates, specialty polymers, pharmaceuticals, excipients, chiral synthons, lectins, and diagnostic tools.

Drug delivery polymers, including functionalized biopolymers and PEGs.

Proprietary technologies for enhancing the bioavailability, solubility and stability of drugs.

Proprietary technologies for diagnostic uses, including nuclear magnetic resonance, magnetic resonance imaging and fluorescent probes and enzyme substrates, such as the CYCLODANS', TEMPO', and THIOMER' line of products.

CarGlumex Biopolymers are a new class of proprietary polymers, specifically designed for life science applications. They offer key advantages for many cosmetic and pharmaceutical uses, such as for drug delivery, encapsulation, wound care, biomembrane, skin treatment, moisturizing and protection products. CarGlumex Biopolymers are highly soluble and compatible with a wide range of solvents, ingredients and formulation components. Their solution properties can be readily modulated from water-like consistency to thick, non-flowing gels. CarGlumex Biopolymers are non-toxic, non-immunogenic, biodegradable, and biocompatible.

CarbFerex Polysaccharide Iron Complex is the product of ferric iron complexed to a low molecular weight carbohydrate polymer. It delivers the highest iron dosage, while retaining superior solubility.

Cyclodextrin derivatives and complexes.

CarGozol, a freely water soluble g-oryzanol preparation for cosmetic and other uses.

CarPsian, Sunscreen Polymer is a proprietary, new, water soluble polymer designed for skin protection and cosmetic uses.

Proprietary technologies for metal chelation.

A broad range of glucan and polymer derivatives.



CarboMer is headquartered in San Diego California and has a number of R&D and GMP manufacturing facilities. The firm's state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities are capable of producing pilot and commercial scale quantities.




CarboMer offers extensive expertise in material sciences for the life sciences. We employ a broad technology platform for the development of innovative products in the R&D and commercial arena, including research and diagnostic products, complex bioorganics, bulk intermediates, active pharmaceutical ingredients, excipients, cosmetic ingredients and nutraceuticals. Our products include functionalized carbohydrates, polypeptides, synthetic polymers, chiral synthons and many other products.

CarboMer applies leading-edge technologies to the development of novel life science products and solutions tailored to customer needs. We offer custom-designed biologicals and chemicals, as well as expertise and proprietary know how in biopharmaceuticals, drug delivery, formulation and other areas.


For nearly two decades we have provided a reliable partnership for our clients' transition from discovery to commercial product development. Our clients include some of the most prominent international biotechnology, medical device and pharmaceutical firms and research centers. We are headquartered in San Diego, a leading center of Southern California's biotechnology community.

Carbohydrates and polymers present valuable platforms for a wide spectrum of life science products. Glycotechnology has long been considered the 'sleeping giant' of biotechnology as carbohydrates play a pivotal role in disease prophylaxis and therapy. CarboMer is a glycotechnology leader with a broad arsenal of enzymatic, chemical and other leading-edge transform-ations, an extensive formulation repertoire and key technologies for drug delivery, bioavailability and stability enhancement. Its unmatched scope of expertise positions CarboMer uniquely in proprietary technologies for diagnostics, specialty chemicals, drug delivery, and therapeutics.





CarboMer has developed diversified expertise in chemistries of water soluble polymers, carbohydrates, bio-polymers and other chiral molecules. We work at the interface of aqueous and non-aqueous solutions, gels, porous matrices, films and membranes. Our forte is the synthesis of new polymers and copolymers and the manipulation of molecular parameters, such as formual weight, charge, polydispersity and surface activity.

We can confer solubility, degradability and conductivity, alter bioadhesion, matrix strength, bioavailability and biostability, modulate immunological responses, enhance binding capacities for specific biological substrates and metals, and tether, if needed in a highly selective and targeted fashion, unique affinity ligands or diagnostic probes to polymers, proteins and other biologically substrates. We form stable drug complexes, encapsulate and create slow release formulations.

Our repertoire includes a full range of chemistries, selective derivatizations with fluorescent and nitroxide probes, fluorine, stable isotopes, enzymatic and non-conventional methods.

Our goal is to provide consistent, on-time delivery of cost-effective, high quality, well characterized materials and technologies that meet or exceed our customers' expectations.

The CarboMer Advantage


CarboMer offers a full range of services to help you accelerate your discovery and commercialization.

These include the preparation of special libraries, synthons and scaffolds,

SAR development, lead optimization, reference compound and metabolite synthesis, and full analytical support.

Our team is focused on ensuring the success of our clients.


Manufacture of specialty chemicals, API raw materials and intermediates from gram to ton scales.

Custom synthesis of APIs, drug intermediates and carriers, excipients, vaccine adjuvants, polymers and organic molecules.

Services in manufacturing process development and optimization, preformulation development, formulation development and drug product manufacturing.

Full range of state-of-the art analytical services, polymer characterization and testing, method development, stability studies, and standard compendial testing.